Lululemon Half Marathon Race. WAS A BLAST. Despite their sizes only going up to a 10 and the fact that they ran out of all things wonderful within the first couple hours of the expo and only receiving watermelon and a fruit skewer when I finished the race (Yeah! I was dreaming the whole race about a carb loaded bagel and chocolately milk and all I got was fruit!!) It was fun. 

I was on my way to a pb, until my running partner’s knee crapped out on here and I walked with her the last 5k. because well, ducks fly together. 

They had awesome cheering stations and signs that were chalk full of humour and fun stuff. The aid stations were great. The volunteers were great and the course was well, the best part! Vancouver is lovely. Go visit if you have never been. 

They held a fun. concert afterwards but we decided to go to a Whitecaps game instead. Soccer, I mean Football is soooo theatrical! haha, loved it. The signs say “Bronze in London, Gold in our Hearts” Every time the other team’s goalie had the ball the whole crowd would count to ten. So awesome. 

All in all a solid weekend. I am planning on actually training for my next race! yay.

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So far seems easy! haha…on track though.

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Happy Victoria Day all the way from Victoria!

(This is a photo of me in sunny Florida, because let’s face it. It’s raining and cloudy and all kinds of shitty weather here for the long weekend) Anyway fireworks! tonight fingers crossed. 

Oh yeah, also my first official day of training for the seawheeze…I’ll get on that. Promise. 

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 thinking about it. 

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