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Volunteered at the Scotiabank Toronto waterfront marathon. Was fun! And cold. Also people threw away lululemon sweaters at the start line. Crazies.

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Sew(lol) I’m taking sewing lessons. I’m in love. Here’s a festive handkerchief for Simon and aprons!! Aprons for everyone. Next season is Christmas.

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What a nice day for a run.

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You know what sucks

That moment when you realize they put sugar in your coffee.

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Oops apparently I left the app running. Also I’ve been obsessed with popcorn lately. Smart pop from Costco is my favourite. At least it’s not chips? Right? My check engine light went out, it’s been on for years, I’ve been told its probably due to the bulb burning out but it makes me hopeful that its making a comeback haha

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Scenes from the day. I am currently watching walking dead and having mini panic attacks. So good.

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🏀#pumpkinpatch #chudleighs #falllove 🍊

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🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎4⃣📅 (at Chudleigh’s Entertainment Farm)

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Getting my read on! #readingisfun #notthatkindofgirl @lenadunham

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today’s going to be a good day

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Drink more water

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